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Aerospace and Defence Management Consultant

MEng, Aerospace Engineering

University of Liverpool

"Three years of studying engineering had taught me how to learn new concepts and find solutions under pressure."


Technology Consultant, Resources

MEng, Chemical Engineering

Imperial College London

"Don’t be intimidated by a masculine sounding job title. There is no difference in the brain of a man than a woman when it comes to engineering!”


Business Analyst in Accenture Digital (Media & Entertainment)

MSci, Chemistry

University College London

"My first project was a SAP implementation project, moving systems from one to another. Since then I’ve been put on projects in Banking and I’m currently based in Media and Entertainment."


Technology Consulting Analyst

Bsc, Maths

University of Bath

"My role has required a lot of logical and analytical thinking, which I had developed from my maths degree without even realising it."