WISE wants to see the proportion of women increase to 1 in 3 by the year 2020. Organisations and individuals who share our vision for industrial growth boosted by the richness of a diverse talent pool are joining WISE to make this happen. We work with our members to attract more female talent into the industry, keep the female talent we have and improve our track record on women’s progression to positions of power and influence.


An equal number of males and females study science at university,  but women are concentrated in medical and veterinary science. Of those who do choose to study engineering or technology, only half go on to work in engineering or technology, compared to two thirds of men. The gender divide in vocational pathways is shocking – only 400 females started an engineering apprenticeship in 2012 compared to 12,880 males.

A great way to change perceptions is to show girls and their families the fantastic opportunities to make a positive difference through science and engineering. The 2013 WISE Awards showcased women who have made breakthroughs in early detection of cancer, treatment of mental illness, greener construction and safer transport. Awards for media, corporate leadership and diversity demonstrate how organisations can make a difference. 


WISE Chair, Trudy Norris-Grey said: “These women and girls bring vision, creativity, commitment and — above all — a passion for what they do, which is truly inspiring. Britain needs more like them to bring their talents into UK industry. Then we will get the real re-balancing of the economy which the country needs.”