The STEM industries are the jobs, careers and companies of the future – for you, your daughter, your sister, your niece, your aunt, your mum, your grandma. For everyone.


  • Believe it, think about it – you are good at this. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not.

  • Embrace it, re-skill and up-skill – be in demand. Be ready for the next great job and/or step-up.

  • Enjoy and benefit from what’s waiting for you. There are exciting, well-paying and satisfying STEM roles that are waiting to be filled by you and yours.


So, what are STEM roles? They include being an investigator, an explorer of ideas, a service provider, a policy maker, a regulator, a communicator, a persuader, a seller, a manager, a trainer, a developer, a supporter, an entrepreneur… as well as a scientist, a technologist, an engineer, a medic, a vet, a coder, an app developer and so many other cool jobs.



If you are female reading this, thinking, ‘that describes me’, then why not step forward as a role model for the next generation of girls and young women?

"Celebrate your successes; be proud of yourself and help to inspire others"

There are so many ways you can be truly inspirational, from simple things like revisiting you old school or college and talking about your job, to more high-profile platforms such as writing for the WISE blog or taking part in their annual conference and the WISE Awards. You could make such a difference.

Role models, from every walk of life are known to inspire, motivate, encourage, help and assist others – young and old. Role models can inspire those looking for their first job and those looking to change direction; to follow their passion and more confidently step-out to their future.

More than ever, companies and their leaders are realising that STEM skills and a truly diverse workforce can help them be more successful. They know that they need more women and that they need to support their development and progression. Companies are investing in providing the right environment and support structures to achieve this. Among many other investments, they are working with organisations such as WISE, which delivers programmes such as People Like Me, Apprenticeship Toolkit, and Ten Steps, to further the success of women and thereby, the wider organisations that women are a part of.

So… who are you going to be? What are you going to achieve? You’re going to enjoy this journey!