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Women in STEM 2021

Highlighting our female engineering heroes

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The Engineering Heroes theme encompasses a huge variety of work protecting society. From cheaper solar panels to disaster support, pandemic face visors to making demolition safer, here are four of our heroes:

Dr Tayebeh Ameri

Dr Ameri is improving the performance, stability and manufacturing processes of solar power materials to provide cheaper and more effective energy solutions in response to the climate emergency.

Dame Jo Da Silva

Dame Jo Da Silva co-ordinated 100 organisations to build 60,000 shelters in six months following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. She also shifted the approach of Arup to prioritise social outcomes for vulnerable communities in developing countries. Da Silva continues to drive change insisting that what we do in the next decade matters for future humanity.

Caitlin McCall

Caitlin McCall was in the middle of her PhD when the pandemic hit and her response was to design, make and distribute face visors for key workers. Within three months, the visor had appeared on BBC news, been CE marked and NHS approved, resulting in hundreds being manufactured on campus at Swansea University before moving to a local company for mass manufacture.

Era Shah

Era Shah revolutionised the HS2 demolition works by designing out 25,000-person risk hours associated with falls from height, plant pedestrian interface and uncontrolled collapse. Each building’s demolition programme reduced by a third and led to an overall carbon saving of 360 tonnes. Shah also co-founded the Female Advocates in Infrastructure and Rail (FAIR) network to understand, educate and positively influence behaviours towards gender fairness.

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