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Tori, Commercial Graduate

You have a degree in Chemistry, so why have you chosen a role outside of the labs?

Having spent six months in Belgium on an industrial placement, I discovered that the lab environment isn’t for me. Everyone has a different skill set. In my instance, I enjoyed learning about science but not the research itself. My scientific background has taught me an unbelievable amount that extends beyond the lab and will be a benefit to any role I undertake during the graduate scheme and beyond.

I’m using my creativity more than I ever did and I’ve taken the knowledge from my degree in a whole new direction.

How is your degree useful in your role?

Despite not working in research, my scientific understanding comes into play on a daily basis. It helps me in discussions with people across the business and informs the written work I produce, be that content for the website or detailed descriptions of our technology.

You can take your love and understanding of science whichever way works for you.

What are your career aspirations?

I’ve always wanted to make a really positive impact and I considered medicine in the past. But many roles in scientific companies indirectly save millions of lives – through cutting emissions, developing technologies for fuel cells or batteries to enable future transport or drug development – so here, I am doing good.

I want to continue challenging myself and I want to make the world better. I have the option to explore different avenues and I don’t even know if there is a role that suits me just yet – I may have to make my own!

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