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Lucy Young

Business Analyst, TPP

Annelie Medica

Software Developer, TPP

Dr Hui-Chi Yeh

Director Asia-Pacific, TPP

Technology and engineering firms can offer rewarding roles to graduates from a wide range of degree subjects.

Graduates are finding rewarding roles in the technology sector by applying high-quality, transferrable skills from their degrees to advance their careers.

Subjects as diverse as History, Natural Sciences and International Relations offer an expert mix that can be applied in an array of workplace settings, such as the digital health sector.

Healthcare technology

Business analyst Lucy Young discovered that skills learned during her History degree at the University of Leeds had clear applications in her job with global healthcare technology firm TPP, who develop clinical information systems for hospitals and GPs.

“My job involves talking to healthcare professionals around the world, to understand the challenges they face,” she says. “I then work closely with the programming team to develop solutions.”

“There were many transferrable skills that I learned as part of my degree that apply themselves to my role; analytical skills, attention to detail, examining large amounts of information, and identifying the key points.”

Perfect fit

Lucy joined the company in 2020 and her varied role incorporates design, communication and project management. She felt going into medical technology at that time was “perfect” as the field was evolving “to meet new challenges presented by the pandemic.”

“What I like about the job is the variation,” says Lucy. “The job is a constant challenge, but I really enjoy that. There is a balance between the customer-facing and the technical side of things, the design element, and the opportunity to travel internationally. One month, I can find myself talking to a pharmacist in the UK, the next I am in Malaysia talking to teams of hospital consultants.”

One month, I can find myself talking to a pharmacist in the UK, the next I am in Malaysia talking to teams of hospital consultants.

Lucy Young

International markets

Lucy has already worked on many different projects, including deploying systems to large international hospital groups and designing solutions for national-scale electronic medical records. Her advice for people looking at their career options is to consider IT as a genuine possibility, even if they don’t have a STEM background. “You can pick up any technical skills you need through the work itself”, Lucy says.

Annelie Medica has worked with TPP for five years, in a role as a full stack software developer. She works with one of the largest databases in the world.

“I have worked on a huge range of projects in my time here. I’ve recently developed products for both the Chinese and Malaysian markets and worked on outbreak detection during the pandemic. I really enjoy the pace of development and the work ethic we all have.”

Coding languages

Annelie studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge before joining TPP. She enjoys the flat hierarchy working environment, where the team manages their workload themselves and shares responsibilities.

“I came here not writing any code and now I can program in several coding languages. If you like Maths or Science, this is probably a job you are going to enjoy!” she adds.

Dr Hui-Chi Yeh is one of the Directors at TPP. Hui-Chi looks after the international side of the business, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region. She is originally from Taiwan and holds a PhD in East Asian Politics. Prior to joining TPP, she was a political sciences lecturer in the Faculty of Politics and International Relations at the University of Southampton. Hui-Chi also speaks many languages and is a huge asset for the company. She has a highly analytical mind, with a strong focus on delivery and quality.

“I joined TPP after working in a range of previous jobs and found it to be such a welcoming environment. I have such a strong belief in the value of the work we do here and the ability of our fantastic teams to deliver time and time again for our customers. I find it very easy to tell people how much I love my job!”

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