Women in STEM
IET Member Roma Agrawal

Supporting women in engineering and technology

It's important that we support women in engineering and technology, alter perceptions and put engineering on the radars of children, parents and teachers.
Investing in women Makers Academy

Investing in women: Makers Academy

Thinking about dabbling in code? The technology industry is screaming out for more women to get involved.
Julie Wood working

Why civil engineering is a great career choice

Julie Wood, Director and Global Leader of Project Management at engineering consultancy Arup discusses her career and offfers advice for young women.
female employees in discussion

How STEM employers can benefit from encouraging women returners

The STEM sectors need experienced professionals yet six in ten women returners face barriers in getting back to work. Flexible work and returners' schemes will help.
female role models in science

All female scientists are role models, say the award winners

Seeing successful female scientists acknowledged and supported for the work they do can help to persuade more girls and young women of the obvious career opportunities available. 
leading women in engineering

Engineering experts come together for roundtable discussion

A group of leading women in engineering met to discuss the issues surrounding women working in the field.
Airbus wing

Flexible working is key to women’s return at Airbus

Sue Partridge loves being an engineer, and only took time out of the industry for maternity leave. Once her children were old enough, she returned to Airbus full-time. She urges other women keen to come back into the industry to talk to their employer early and make it happen. 
female inventor presenting

Helping young women to innovate and invent

Getting into STEM is not just about finding jobs. A new initiative will help girl inventors develop new product ideas into businesses - and the help comes free
Become a civil engineer and literally shape the world in which we live

Become a civil engineer and literally shape the world in which we live

Civil engineers design and construct some of the world’s most jaw dropping structures - from the Sydney Opera House through to the Olympic Velodrome and China’s Jiaozhou Bay Bridge.
Stemettes group photo

Inspiring future generations of women to get into the sector

Increasing the number of women in STEM is not just a task for today. If numbers are to rise, we must inspire future generations of women to get into the sector.
Sarah Shaw smiling

Wise up and stop closing the door before STEM

We need to be better at teaching our kids maths and science. It’s not socially acceptable to say ‘I can’t read very well’ so why is it OK to say ‘I’m rubbish at maths’? 
girls looking a pictures on a camera outside university

Connecting women to technology through free IT & Web training

ELATT is a charity that has been getting people back to work for 30 years. This charity raises the education and skills of its local communities to help tackle social and economic inequality by helping people gain relevant skills for long-term employment.
children learning about tech

Learning environment is key to addressing the gender gap

Having had contact with many classrooms, makerspaces and meet-ups – it’s safe to say, in my experience, that the face of technology is changing. Diversity is taking hold, but the learning environment is key.
Professor Polly Arnold

A chemical imbalance: investigating inequality

Edinburgh Chemistry has an encouragingly high number of female students and academics: 30 per cent of our professors are women, while the UK average is 11 per cent.
mentoring in STEM

The Value of Mentoring – a personal perspective

What is the value of mentoring? As a young professional myself, I joined CGI in 2013 undecided about where and how I wanted to progress in my career.